Friday, February 15

"Michelle Lost Her Father Last Night"

Lorie Kehler, blogging at SaskCurl.

February 15, 2008

I was all set to start our diary off on a light note. I was going to tell you that I certainly pack better when there are weight restrictions on luggage and to ensure my family that even though it looked like I had packed and was going to stay at the Delta for a month, that I am indeed only staying for 10 days. I was going to tell you (even though I hadn’t told my new roommate Anita) that I had invited my old roommate to 5 Scotts, Joan Stricker for a sleepover, because if Michelle couldn’t be here without me, I certainly couldn’t be here without Joan (miss you).

But as many of you will have heard by now, Michelle lost her father last night. What was building to be the week of a lifetime came crashing down with one phone call. Our thoughts and prayers to Norma, Mallory, Michelle, Nesa, Norman and their families on their loss.

Our thoughts to Darlene, Roberta and Cindy for their support for Michelle, they only want what is best for Michelle, at a time when they should be enjoying the limelight, enjoying being princesses, their concern is for Michelle. Hang in there girls, Michelle Englot is one tough lady, she is her father’s daughter. She knows that she has the love and support of her boys, Bret and Derek, the love and support of her Mom and siblings, the love and support of her friends, but most important the love and support of her Dad, who told Mom (Norma) yesterday, if I die, make sure Michelle curls.

Hugs and kisses to all of our families, my family Al, Kenilee and Adam because what last night showed us once again is that life is precious, life is fragile, life is fleeting and life is family.

God bless Joe, this one’s for you.